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Hadrian's Val in Great Britain

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ImageHadrian's Wall is an ancient defensive fortification in northern England dating back to Roman times. The wall, which is about 120 km long, starts off the coast of the Irish and ends off the coast of the North Sea, crossing the country near the Anglo-Scottish border. Val Hadrian is considered one of the most prominent and significant monuments of the Roman era that exist in Britain. It was built in 122-126, during the reign of Emperor Hadrian, after whom the building was named. The purpose of the construction was to protect the territories of the then Roman Empire from the destructive raids of the northern neighbors - the Picts and brigants. The material that served for the construction of this fortification is stone and peat; in its various parts, the rampart is either a turf mound (in the west), or an imposing stone wall (in the east). The shaft is 3 meters wide and 5-6 meters high. On the north side, next to the rampart, another ditch was dug. The passages in Hadrian's Wall were 16 forts, where the garrison was on duty. Also, after some distance from each other, towers and just guard towers with stairs were built. The shaft was erected mainly by the soldiers of the Roman legions. In working order, the Hadrian shaft existed until about the end of the 2nd century, after which it was gradually abandoned, despite the attempts to strengthen and restore it, undertaken by the emperor North. Even the establishment of the border of the empire, passing precisely along this rampart, did not help. Passages were punched in it by the Picts, and in 385 the Romans finally left the shaft, leaving it to collapse. However, even to this day, the remains of Hadrian's Wall are clearly distinguishable, and in the areas of the villages of Northumberland Hausteds, Great Chesters and Windoland even the ruins of forts have survived. The most famous surviving fortification of Hadrian's Wall is considered to be the castrum Verkovitium, and today the Roman fortress of Housesteds. The shaft was even mentioned under the name of the North Wall in a number of stories by the writer Rudyard Kipling.

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Topic: Hadrian's Val in Great Britain.Hadrian's Val in Great Britain

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