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Val Antonina in Great Britain

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ImageShaft Antonina is the name of a stone-peat fortification built in the times of the Roman Empire (142-144). It was created during the reign of Emperor Antoninus and was intended to replace the inevitably collapsing Hadrian Wall, located 160 km to the south. Val Antonina was supposed to defend Roman Caledonia from attacks. The wall crosses the modern territory of Scotland, its total length is about 63 km, it is 5 meters long and 3-4 meters high. The wall is interrupted by 26 forts. Due to its smaller size than that of Hadrian's shaft, it was much easier to defend this wall. True, in 208 the shaft was again abandoned when, by decree of the emperor Septimius Severus, the troops returned for some time to Hadrian's Val. During construction, Val Antonina was specially surrounded by a whole network of roads, so that it was easy to move along it. Later, stones from the crumbling rampart were used to build nearby houses. Today, of all the forts of the shaft, the Rough Fort is best preserved. The remnants of the wall itself can be best seen in the districts of Biersden, Tuchar, Croy, Falkirk and Polmont.

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