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Cecilienhof in Germany, Potsdam spa

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The unusual Cecilienhof Palace adorns the northern areas of the New Garden in Potsdam, near the shores of Lake Jungfernsee. The non-standard of the palace is primarily in its appearance: it was built in the English village style, therefore it does not look too much like a palace in its usual view. This place became widely known in 1945, when the famous Potsdam Conference was held here. The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It was Cecilienhof that became the last residence of the Hohenzollern dynasty. The palace was erected by Wilhelm II in order to present it to his son, Crown Prince Wilhelm and his wife Cecilia. It was in honor of the latter that the palace was named Cecilienhof. Considerable funds were allocated for the construction, and Paul Schulze-Naumburg was appointed chief architect. The palace was built in 1914-1917, with interruptions due to wars.

The building is based on brickwork and oak elements in the half-timbered style. 55 chimneys were reinforced on the red tile roof. Each of them has its own completely unique shape. The palace has 5 courtyards, three performed economic functions, one was ceremonial, and a garden was laid out in another. The front yard still has a red star-shaped lawn, reminiscent of the presence of Soviet troops.

The palace has a huge number of rooms that perform a variety of functions, from bathrooms to executive rooms. The interior can be called simple and modest, but very elegant, one room is interestingly stylized as a passenger cabin on a ship. A particularly memorable room is the Great Hall with large English-style front windows. During the royal dynasty it was a residential building, and in 1945 it was here that negotiations of the coalition of the anti-Hitler powers took place.

The building was transferred into the hands of the state after the end of World War II, before that Wilhelm and Cecilia owned palace. Since that time, both the palace and the park near it have been open to tourists and local residents. It now also houses a top-class hotel and museum.  


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Topic: Cecilienhof in Germany, Potsdam spa.Cecilienhof in Germany, Potsdam spa

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