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Greenwich Park in the UK, resort of London

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Is it possible to visit the eastern and western hemispheres of the globe, being in one place? It turns out you can, if you look into Greenwich Park, located in the south-east of London. It is a large green area that once delighted the eyes of kings with its view.

Already under King James I, Greenwich Park was the property of the crown and was a hunting territory. In those days, ordinary people were not allowed into it, and its entire territory was behind the wall.

The park still remains royal, but now anyone can see it. The area of the park is presented in the form of a rectangle 1000 by 750 meters. All of its territory is included in the Greenwich World Heritage.

Greenwich Park is located on a hillside. In its lower part you can find the Museum and the Royal House. The top of the hill contains the Royal Observatory and Greenwich. On the west side is Vanbruch Castle, on the south - Blackhes, and on the southwest - the so-called House of Wanderers. In the western part of the park, the alleys of Chesterfield and Crumm Hill are laid - architecturally correct streets. Climbing to the very top, you can find the Royal Observatory, which offers spectacular views of the city center, skyscrapers, rivers, Isle of Dogs and Greenwich Hospital.

At the lower level of the park there is a children's playground, a lake with a boat station, a herbarium and a reserve where deer are kept. At the top of Greenwich Park, there is a lush garden with flower beds and a pond. Walking along it, you can enjoy the smell of roses, take shelter in the shade of chestnut trees, meet ducks or squirrels. There are also cricket and tennis fields. The garden also has a stage for an orchestra.

In addition to natural attractions, the garden is also famous for historical relics. On the upper level of the hill you can find the remains of Roman buildings and the famous old"Royal Oak", named after Elizabeth I.

In the Royal Astronomy Garden, you can relax from the bustle of the city and have a picnic. Sometimes you can find there rehearsals of theatrical and musical groups. For lovers of more active recreation, there is an opportunity to go jogging on the circular paths crossing the park.

During the 2012 Olympics, it was in Greenwich Park that horse races, pentathlon competitions and show jumping took place.

Get into Greenwich Park is open every day from 6 am. The green zone closes at dusk.

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Topic: Greenwich Park in the UK, resort of London.Greenwich Park in the UK, resort of London

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