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Maretarium in Finland, Kotka resort

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The Maretarium is the first exhibition aquarium in Finland that fully complies with the world standards. This is a unique huge aquarium, where more than fifty species of fish and molluscs live in their natural environment. The aquatic life of the Baltic Sea and Finnish bodies of water is presented to visitors according to the changing seasons.

The Maretarium is the result of a long-term collaboration of the Kotka City Administration, the University of Helsinki and the Research Center for Hunting and Fisheries. The construction of the aquarium began in the summer of 2001, and in May of the following year the Maretarium was already open to the public. The Maretarium project was created by a group of specialists led by the English architect David Newman and a specialist from the company Laytil Arkitehdit Mirja Tomila.

The Maretarium has 22 special aquariums, the largest of which, the Baltic, is seven meters deep. There is also the Maritime Theater, various temporary exhibitions showing the results of ichthyological research, a marine souvenir shop, Mary Cafe Christina and rooms for seminars and training sessions.

Every day in the maritime theater of the Maretarium a performance is shown - diving a scuba diver under water and feeding fish. Haili, a nature school, hosts educational activities and nature excursions for schoolchildren. Also in the Maretarium you can get information about the most significant sights of Kotka, in particular, about the national park of the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland.

Terrariums with lizards, snakes, frogs and aquatic insects were recently opened here,

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Topic: Maretarium in Finland, Kotka resort.Maretarium in Finland, Kotka resort

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