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Carmelite monastery in Austria, St. Polten resort

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The Carmelite Monastery is a former monastery that has now become the main city museum.

The architect of the monastery building is Jacob Prandtauer. The monastery is considered one of the examples of the Baroque style.

The monastery began its activity in 1708, but in 1782 it was abolished. The reason for the closure of the temple was the alleged desecration of the teachings of St. Joseph, the founder of the Carmelite Order. The real reason for the abolition is that the Carmelite monastery lived an isolated life and did not want to submit to Vienna. After that, the building of the temple was abandoned for many years and partially destroyed.

In 1934 the monastery was restored with donations from local residents. The monastery acquired its original appearance by 1945, and the final restoration work was completed in 1961.

The monastery church is still functioning, and the monastery itself has been turned into a museum of modern art and a city museum. Here you can get acquainted with the history of the city from its very foundation (II century BC). The museum presents evidence of the presence of Roman patricians in the province, and here you can also learn about the troubles that befell the Carmelite monastery and its gradual revival. In addition, the museum exhibits works of art by contemporary Austrian artists and sculptors.

The monastery has a large library containing old editions of books.

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Topic: Carmelite monastery in Austria, St. Polten resort.Carmelite monastery in Austria, St. Polten resort

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