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Aquarium in Spain, Barcelona resort

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This aquarium, which is located next to the Old Port – one of the most popular places in the city. It is included in the list of the largest aquariums in Europe. It is home to over 11   000 marine animals of almost 500 different species.

There are 35 aquariums in the room, their total volume is 5 million liters. The animals in each aquarium have something in common: in one you can see the inhabitants of the northern waters, in the other – tropical fish, in the third – deep sea fish and so on. Therefore, every marine inhabitant is in their natural habitat.

The main attraction of this aquarium is – this is a huge oceanarium, through which passes a glass tunnel 80 meters long. When you walk along it, it seems that you are walking along the bottom of the sea, and oceanic fish, including stingrays and sharks, are swimming above you.

A special developing exhibition is working for children in the Aquarium. It contains over 50 interactive exhibits that tell about marine animals. There is also a small children's aquarium.

The Aquarium has special programs: shark diving, night programs for children and much more.  


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Topic: Aquarium in Spain, Barcelona resort.Aquarium in Spain, Barcelona resort

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