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Friedrichstrasse in Germany, Berlin resort

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Friedrichstrasse – one of the most famous streets in Berlin, passing through the Kreuzberg and Mitte districts. The name was given to the street in honor of Frederick III, Elector of Brandenburg, who later became King of Prussia, Frederick I. den Linden, crosses the Spree River (along the Weidendam Bridge) and ends, passing into the Shossestrasse at the Oranienburg Gate.

Even under the GDR, construction of large buildings and shopping centers began on this street. Today, it houses luxury boutiques, car dealerships, a huge bookstore and the Maritim proArt Hotel Berlin. A little bit farther – the building of the International Trade Center, 25 floors high, erected in 1978, the Friedrichstrasse station and the Admiralty Palace, which housed the Metropol theater in 1955-1997, and the Friedrichstadt palace.
The southern part of Friedrichstrasse is not so famous, there are no outstanding buildings. It has a pedestrian zone and a number of shops.

Friedrichstrasse is also famous for the fact that people like Alexander von Humboldt, Napoleon I Bonaparte, Karl   Friedrich Schinkel, Johann Gottlieb Fichte and others.


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Topic: Friedrichstrasse in Germany, Berlin resort.Friedrichstrasse in Germany, Berlin resort

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