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Eiffel Tower in France, Paris resort

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The building that has become the symbol of Paris, and of France as a whole.

It got its name in honor of its creator – the outstanding French engineer Gustave Eiffel, who called his creation the `` 300-meter tower. ''

was the centenary of the taking of the Bastille. The tower was supposed to serve as nothing more than an entrance arch and a gate to the exhibition, and its century, according to the original plan, was short-lived. After 20 years, the structure was planned to be demolished, and the Parisians themselves, for the most part, did not accept this structure, which contrasted sharply with the usual appearance of Paris.

Nevertheless, the coming era of radio broadcasting forced the installation of antennas at the highest points of the city, and the Eiffel Tower was this highest point. Later, its own radio wave appeared here, named after the tower.

Almost immediately on the first level, a restaurant was opened, now bearing the name of Jules Verne, where Guy de Maupassant, an ardent opponent of this design, dined every day ... The writer explained his stay in the place so hated by him by the fact that here is the only place in all of Paris from where this tower cannot be seen.

During World War II, the Eiffel Tower became a real stumbling block for the Nazis , since Paris was already taken, and Hitler could not climb to the top of the tower - and ndash; unknown Parisians broke the lifting devices. Also, the hanging Nazi pennant from its own weight and size could not hold onto the frame of the tower and was blown away by the wind. After these events, the French began to say that, having conquered Paris, Hitler was never able to conquer the Eiffel Tower.

The sad glory of the main building in France is that until 2009 the tower was a favorite site of French suicides. The latest incident in 2009 made it necessary to maximize measures to prevent such incidents.

The color and types of lighting in the tower changed more than once. From gas lamps and floodlights to a million incandescent bulbs and LEDs. Color and lighting are today not only the tower's trademark, but also a patented trademark.

At the moment, the Eiffel Tower is not only the most visited place in France, but also one of the most visited places in the world. The number of tourists who come here every year is in the tens of millions. However, the data of numerous surveys also speak of the disappointment of foreign tourists in this attraction, since the high attendance at any time of the year does not allow staying on the upper platform for a long time. This spoils the impression of many who like to measuredly admire the views of the city.  


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Topic: Eiffel Tower in France, Paris resort.Eiffel Tower in France, Paris resort

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