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Conciergerie in France, Paris resort

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Conciergerie – the legendary Parisian building, located on the Ile de la Cite.

The Conciergerie was built back in 508, when King Clovis chose Paris as the site of the official royal residence. The castle was built in a few years, and immediately after the death of Clovis it fell into desolation, as the capital of France moved to the east.

Throughout the Middle Ages, the Conciergerie was constantly being completed, and by the reign of King Philip IV The beautiful palace claimed the title of the most luxurious palace in Europe. Several towers were built, nearby buildings were attached to the castle grounds and given over to various administrative services, and by 1313, the Great Hall was completed, which became a symbol of royal luxury of that time.

The Conciergerie served as the official residence of the kings until 1358, when one of the uprisings forced King Charles V to move in the Louvre.

In the same year, it was decided to transform the royal residence into the Palace of Justice. From this moment begins the most famous and darkest stage in the history of the Conciergerie. Over the centuries of operation, the most dangerous criminals were kept here, including those involved in the deaths of the first persons of France.

The Conciergerie's torture chambers began to settle down from the moment the prison was opened and existed until the 20th century. One of the oldest towers, built in the Middle Ages, consists entirely of torture chambers with a variety of interrogation instruments. The tower is perfectly preserved and today is one of the most popular premises of the castle.

Now the Conciergerie is a magnificent architectural ensemble that perfectly illustrates the French architecture of several centuries. Tourists can enter absolutely all premises of the complex.  


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Topic: Conciergerie in France, Paris resort.Conciergerie in France, Paris resort

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