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Fourviere metal tower in France, Lyon resort

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The tower is located parallel to the basilica on the highest point of the city of Lyon – Fourviere hill.

The construction of the tower was preceded by the construction of a restaurant by Mr. Ge, whose real name is still unknown. The restaurant was built in 1888. After the 1889 World's Fair in Paris, when the world learned about the Eiffel Tower, the restaurant owner wanted to place a copy of the Parisian building on the roof of his establishment. It was not possible to copy the entire Eiffel Tower, so only a copy of the third tier of the Parisian prototype was placed on the roof of the restaurant.

In 1914, the World's Fair was held in Lyon, and an elevator was installed in the tower , and several rooms of the restaurant were moved to the very top of the tower.

At the end of the World's Fair, the restaurant owner received angry letters from public and religious organizations, outraged by the still standing tower. The disputes continued for a long time, and even after the death of Mr. Ge, they did not subside. The development of radio saved the tower, like the Parisian prototype. By 1953, the antennas of all city television and radio companies were located here.


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Topic: Fourviere metal tower in France, Lyon resort.Fourviere metal tower in France, Lyon resort

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