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Piazza Cavour in Italy, Rimini resort

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Square Cavour is the cultural center of Rimini. The square houses the Teatro-Kommunale, opened in 1857. During the Second World War, the theater was seriously damaged.

Right in front of the theater, you can see a monument to Pope Paul the Fifth, erected in the 17th century, and next to it – the old Pine Cone fountain, dated 1543.

One of the main attractions of Piazza Cavour is the 13th century Palazzo Arengo. Today the palace houses the city administration. Throughout the history of its existence, the palace was rebuilt several times, but in 1926 the building was restored to its original appearance, thanks to the architect Gaspar Rastrelli. In the main room of the palace – Hall del Arengo -   you can see the fresco `` The Last Judgment '' the work of a master from the school of Giotto, dated to the XIV century. Galdoni proposed to use the building as a theater stage, thus, for two centuries, performances were held in the palace.

Also on the square you can see the Palazzo del Podesta, erected in the 14th century. The facade of the palace was decorated with pointed arches and five large windows.


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Topic: Piazza Cavour in Italy, Rimini resort.Piazza Cavour in Italy, Rimini resort

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