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Palazzo Podesta in Italy, Bologna resort

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Palazzo Podesta is a medieval palace, erected in 1200 as the seat of local heads of administration. The palace is located on Piazza Maggiore, opposite the Church of San Petronio.

In 1245, an extension was added to the palace – Palazzo Re Enzo, today the building is dominated by the Torre del Arengo tower with the Campanazzo bell, which was used in an emergency to summon the residents of Bologna.

The Podesta Palace is a long building on the top floor of which there is a huge hall. The lower floor houses upscale shops, formerly there were artisans' shops.

In 1453, the original Gothic facade of the palace was redesigned in the Renaissance style by the order of Giovanni Bentivoglio. Aristotle Fioravanti was appointed supervisor of the work. The current facade of the palace was made of sandstone and bricks. In 1525, the passage of the palace was decorated with terracotta sculptures of the patrons of the city – Saints Proculus, Petronio, Francis and Dominic. The old balustrade was shortened in 1604, and the portico underwent significant changes in 1837-1842. In 1887, the facade was restored again.

From 1581 to 1767, the palace served as a theater, then it was used as a field for games, and in the 20th century it was turned into a hall for firemen .


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Topic: Palazzo Podesta in Italy, Bologna resort.Palazzo Podesta in Italy, Bologna resort

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