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Lake Otto Meigler See in Germany

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Lake Otto-Meigler-See is a lake in the German city of Hurth, Westphalia. Formed as a result of groundwater flooding of a brown coal mine. Coal mining here and in the vicinity has been carried out since modern times. Since 1977, there has been a recreational zone, free for visits and walks, and nearby there are also protected areas, closed to visitors and fenced off with high fences. Today, the lake and its surroundings are protected under the jurisdiction of the Rhineland Nature Park. There is an equipped beach on the northwest coast. The lake, located on a hill (about 30 meters), is surrounded by forest plantations. This is how the nearby agricultural lands are protected from the winds. Trees are planted both on the slopes and hilltops. Besides, the hills were leveled to facilitate tree planting. At the same time, a circular pedestrian path was formed.

The lake has a rich flora and fauna. Many species of ducks live here, especially in winter. Among them are the mallard, coot, crested duck, red-headed duck. There are also many mute swans, cormorants and common gogols. For water birds, there is a place in the neighboring forest lake of Khyurt, fenced and strictly protected. The lake is undoubtedly a fishing spot. Pike, carp, river eel, tench, pike perch, perch are found here. In the year the lake was discovered, a fishing club was established to take care of the lake and its fish stocks. The rarest plants were also found on the territory of the lake: pondweed and hornwort.

Lake Otto-Meigler-See is one of five lakes, in which it is allowed to swim. The health department examines the lake's water every season. There is a restaurant on the beach, and in the evenings it hosts a variety of concerts and parties. On the lake you can go rowing, sailing and surfing. Around the lake there is a walking path with signs, next to the beach there is a parking and a bus stop, and in the vicinity there are bike trails.


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Topic: Lake Otto Meigler See in Germany.Lake Otto Meigler See in Germany

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