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Pillersee in Austria, Kitzbuhel resort

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Pillersee is a lake located in the valley of the same name. It is located 10 kilometers from Fieberbrunn at the foot of the Stone Mountain. This mountain reservoir is about 300 meters wide and 1.6 kilometers long, the depth of the lake is about 834 meters.

Lake Pillersee was formed about 15 thousand years ago. The pond got its name from the verb"roar", because in winter the wind blowing over the water creates a noise similar to a real roar.

The lake is very popular among fishermen, as it is rich in trout. The fishing season starts from May to September. The water temperature of the mountain reservoir almost never exceeds 20 degrees, but despite this there is a beach. Every year this beach becomes more and more popular among tourists.

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Topic: Pillersee in Austria, Kitzbuhel resort.Pillersee in Austria, Kitzbuhel resort

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