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Basilica of Saint Remigius in France, resort of Reims

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Basilica of St. Remigius – Catholic church, the former convent church of the Abbey of Saint Remigius, founded in Reims in the 6th century. The church is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The modern building of the basilica was built at the beginning of the 11th century. The main object that attracts pilgrims here is the grave of St. Remigius himself.

In the 6th century in Reims, a monastic monastery was founded at the chapel of St. Christopher, where St. Remigius was buried in 533. Two hundred years later, the monastic monastery received the official status of a Benedictine monastery.

St. Remigius was widely revered and in connection with this, benefactors made generous donations. This led to the rapid growth of the monastery, and very soon it became a major pilgrimage center. The archbishops of Reims from 780 to 945 were abbots at the monastery of St. Remigius. In this abbey, Charlemagne received Pope Leo III.

At the beginning of the 11th century, the construction of a Romanesque monastery church began; it was consecrated by Pope Leo IX in 1049.

The church was somewhat rebuilt in the 12th century, after which its appearance acquired some Gothic features; the portico was rebuilt to replace the old one, made in the Romanesque style; a new Gothic choir and five chapels were built; numerous graceful stained-glass windows were created; the central nave was completed. To attract pilgrims, to the grave of Saint Remigius, which was transferred to the apse during the rebuilding, a deambulatory was completed behind the altar. Now the pilgrims could safely approach the grave. The library and school at the monastery had a very high reputation. In this regard, Pope Alexander III wrote a letter of gratitude to the abbey. It has survived to this day.

The monastery was closed, like other French monasteries, in 1793. The basilica was ravaged, many interior decor items were lost, stained glass windows of the 12th century survived. Further, the basilica served as a parish church. During the First World War, the building of the church was badly damaged by German bombing. After the end of the war, it was, of course, restored. In 1991, the basilica, and with it two other attractions in Reims - the Cathedral and the To palace - were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1996, Pope John Paul II visited the basilica during the 1500th anniversary of the baptism of Clovis I. / p>
Of particular interest to visitors are the original 12th century stained glass windows, ancient tapestries, which depict paintings from the life of St. Remigius, which have survived to this day. The basilica is the burial place for the archbishops of Reims and some members of the royal family, in particular Louis IV and King Carloman of the Franks.

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Topic: Basilica of Saint Remigius in France, resort of Reims.Basilica of Saint Remigius in France, resort of Reims

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