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Vienna Konzerthaus in Austria, Vienna spa

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The Vienna Konzerthaus is a center for classical music. Its opening took place in 1913.

The Konzerthaus hosts about 750 events per season. In addition to baroque and romantic music, rock and jazz are performed here.

The idea to create a concert center originated in 1890. The first project of such an architectural complex belonged to Ludwig Baumann. It included concert venues, a cycling club, a speed skating rink and a stadium for 40 thousand people. But this project was rejected.

The new project, which was also created with the participation of Ludwig Baumann, began in 1911 and was completed in 1913. Three halls of the complex were built like this so that concerts and events in different halls can be held simultaneously without interfering with each other. The acoustics, architecture and construction of the building were designed for an audience of 4,000 and met the high standards of their time.

The opening took place on the eve of the First World War. Beethoven's symphony sounded at the opening of the Konzerthaus.

After the Second World War, Konzerthaus played an important role   in the revival of the musical life of Austria. It quickly became the premier venue for contemporary and international jazz music in Vienna. Since then, jazz, modern and early music have made up the Konzerthaus repertoire along with classical music.

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Topic: Vienna Konzerthaus in Austria, Vienna spa.Vienna Konzerthaus in Austria, Vienna spa

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