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Ringstrasse in Austria, Vienna spa

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The Ringstrasse is a four-kilometer circular street that encircles the inner city of Vienna.

Ringstrasse was built on the site of the former city walls that were XIII century. At the end of the 18th century, the fortifications lost their military meaning. In 1850, the territory of Vienna was expanded by the annexation of the suburbs of Vienna. As a result, the walls became a hindrance to traffic inside the city. In 1857, Franz Joseph I issued a decree ordering to demolish the walls and fill up the moat. In addition, the decree prescribed the size of the Ringstrasse, the location and functions of buildings on it. The buildings and the street were conceived as an indicator of the greatness of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Habsburg dynasty in particular.

made in different styles - antique style, gothic, renaissance, baroque.

The following buildings are located in the Ringstrasse: Stock Exchange, Town Hall, University, Castle Theater, Votivkirche Church, Natural History Museum, Art History Museum, Parliament, State Opera House, Albertina.

Cars only move in one direction on Ringstrasse, but trams run back and forth.


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Topic: Ringstrasse in Austria, Vienna spa.Ringstrasse in Austria, Vienna spa

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