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Lighthouse in Cuba, Havana resort

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This building is one of the symbols of Havana, depicted on stamps, calendars, and many other souvenirs. This building was laid back in the 16th century, and construction, with numerous interruptions due to wars, continued for a whole century. A century later, the bay of the city was supplemented by this excellent architectural structure.

To this day, the lighthouse bears its original name `` Lighthouse in Morro Bay '', tourists habitually call it the Havana Lighthouse.

This is one of the oldest structures not only in the city, but throughout Cuba. The building is a lighthouse itself, from the observation deck of which a wonderful view opens not only of the bay, but also of part of the city. The lighthouse is also surrounded by a thick fortress wall.

At the moment, the lighthouse serves not only as a museum and an observation deck, but also continues to shine every night. It is worth noting that it is one of the few lighthouses in the world that still uses human service rather than computerized light on / off systems.  


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Topic: Lighthouse in Cuba, Havana resort.Lighthouse in Cuba, Havana resort

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