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Neue-Wache in Germany, Berlin resort

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Neue-Wache is the main monument of Germany, dedicated to the victims of war and tyranny in Berlin. Like many other iconic buildings in Berlin, it is located on Unter den Linden street.

The memorial building was built under Frederick Wilhelm III in 1818. It was used as a guardhouse for the royal guard, at the same time as a monument to those who fell during the wars with Napoleon. The first divorce of the guard, held in September 1818,   connected with a visit to the Imperial Alexander Guards Grenadier Regiment No. 1 by the Russian Tsar Alexander I. Until 1918, before the overthrow of the monarchy, Neue Vache was the main guardhouse of the royal guard. In 1931 the building underwent reconstruction. According to the project of Heinrich Tessenov, it became a monument to those killed in the First World War.

During the Second World War, the building was practically destroyed. After three years of restoration work under the leadership of Heinz Melan, it was given a finished look and from now on it became a warning memorial in memory of the victims of fascism and militarism. Until 1990, Neue-Wache was guarded by a round-the-clock guard of honor; every Wednesday and Saturday there was a solemn changing of the guard ceremony. Today, the guard of honor stands at Neue-Wache only on the Day of National Mourning.

The Neue-Wache building is made in a classicist style by the project of Karl Friedrich Schinkel. It is small in size, however, it looks monumental and majestic due to its strict and clean forms, a Doric portico and a powerful projection. The goddess of victory Nike is depicted on the pediment of the portico.

As a result of the reconstruction, the building was transformed: the internal partitions were removed, the ceilings were destroyed. In 1931, a silver wreath by the sculptor Ludwig Gies was installed on a two-meter pedestal made of black granite in Neue-Wach. Today the wreath is kept in the collection of the German Historical Museum, located nearby. After World War II, Neue-Wache was rebuilt for 15 years. In 1969, the granite pedestal was replaced by an eternal flame in a glass prism.

Since 1993, an enlarged copy of the sculpture"Mother with her dead son" by Harald Hacke has been kept in Neue-Wach. The inscription at the sculpture, installed at the initiative of the Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohle,

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Topic: Neue-Wache in Germany, Berlin resort.Neue-Wache in Germany, Berlin resort

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