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Theresianum in Austria, Vienna spa

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Theresianum is an open gymnasium founded by the Teresian Academy Foundation. It is located in the Wieden district of Vienna.

The history of Theresianum began in 1746, when Maria Theresa sold the Baroque Favorite castle to the Jesuits on the condition that a knightly academy for representatives of the aristocratic youth. The main task of the academy was to educate loyal and educated diplomats and officials.

In 1783, under Emperor Joseph II, all knightly academies were closed, including Theresianum. In 1797, Franz II approved the re-opening of the Theresianum. And in 1848, after the March revolution, Franz Joseph I allowed the bourgeois children to be admitted to the academy. In 1938, the activity of the academy was terminated, and a national-political educational institution was located in its building. After Austria gained independence in 1955, all property was returned to the Theresian Academy Foundation. In 1957 the academy resumed its studies.

The territory of the academy covers an area of 50 thousand square meters. It includes: a main training building, a tennis court, a large and two small football fields, a swimming pool, a jogging track, a basketball field, two volleyball fields and an old large and small hall.

In addition to general education, the academy pays great attention to the study of foreign languages for the education of internationalism. There are also electives in arts, sports, communication and information technology, economics and music. Particular attention is paid to fostering good manners.

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Topic: Theresianum in Austria, Vienna spa.Theresianum in Austria, Vienna spa

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