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Salzburg Museum in Austria, Salzburg resort

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The Salzburg Museum is housed in the New Residence located on Mozartplatz.

In this museum you can admire art treasures, get to know with the history of the city through modern multimedia equipment, visit a variety of presentations and much more.

The second floor of the museum contains a lot of information about the people who at different times made Salzburg famous throughout the world. These are outstanding representatives of the field of science, art, music, architecture, literary creativity and other industries.

  On the third floor, exhibits are displayed that allow you to get acquainted with the history of the city and its development. The history of the city began with the reign of the princes-archbishops, and its development was influenced by writers, musicians, and romantic painters who depicted magnificent landscapes for posterity. It also displays examples of contemporary art, which are no less informative and valuable. On the same floor, in the hall of mirrors, artifacts from the Middle Ages are displayed, discovered during archaeological excavations on the territory of Salzburg (armor, ancient dishes, fragments of architecture of those times).

In the underground passage connecting The Salzburg Museum and the Panorama Museum exhibit antiquities from the prehistoric and Roman times.

Under the inner courtyard of the New Residence there is an exhibition hall with an area of about 500 square meters.

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Topic: Salzburg Museum in Austria, Salzburg resort.Salzburg Museum in Austria, Salzburg resort

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