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Museum of Contemporary Art in Austria, Salzburg Resort

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The Museum of Contemporary Art is located in two buildings. The first oldest building of the Rupertinum Museum, which is located in the center of the old town and is a Baroque building. The museum building is adorned with glittering tiles by the master F. Hunderwasser.

The Rupertinum Museum introduces visitors to the art of the 20th century. The idea for this museum belongs to Friedrich Welz, a local resident who donated the bulk of the paintings from his large private collection to Salzburg. The museum was opened in 1983, but in 2004 another museum of contemporary art was opened on the slope of Monchsberg, and the museum located in the old town became part of the new museum.

The new museum on a rocky cliff was built by the architectural firm Friedrich Hoff Zwink and has four floors. From the outside, the building is faced with marble and is divided by vertical joints, which play a significant role in the air conditioning of the building. Also on the facade of the building, with the help of a computer program, in the form of narrow longitudinal holes, scores of several arias from Mozart's opera"Don Juan" were written.

Exhibitions of the international contemporary art and a variety of thematic exhibitions.

Both buildings of the Museum of Contemporary Art have 3,000 square meters of exhibition space. Recently, many international artists have presented their work here, such as Erwin Wurm, Ernst Haas, Rebecca Horn and many others. The museum also houses a photo gallery of Austria, which contains over 17,000 photographs.

There is a small shop at the museum where visitors can purchase reproductions of paintings and souvenirs. On the third floor of the new museum building, there is a restaurant with a large terrace, which offers a magnificent view of Salzburg.


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Topic: Museum of Contemporary Art in Austria, Salzburg Resort.Museum of Contemporary Art in Austria, Salzburg Resort

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