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Lake Aasee in Germany, Munster resort

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The Aasee is a reservoir located on the Munstersche-Aa River, southwest of Munster.

Before In the 19th century, on the place where the lake is located today, there were flood meadows and marshes through which the Munstersche-Aa River flowed. Sometimes during the flood the water level was quite high, as a result the streets of the old part of Munster were flooded. In 1888, Hermann Landois, professor of zoology, spoke out in favor of building a dam. However, the construction of the dam was only started in 1914. During the First World War, construction was suspended.

In 1925, after a severe flood, work on the construction of the dam was continued. The dam was built in 1934. At that time, the area of the reservoir was 20.7 hectares. In 1972-1976, the reservoir was increased almost 2 times. Parks were laid out around the lake, walking and cycling paths were laid. There were also 2 restaurants, a sailing club and a boat station.

In 1961, the M & uuml; hlenhof museum opened here, where you can observe examples of handicraft and peasant culture of the XVII – XX centuries. It also contains about 30 historic buildings of Westphalia.

In 1974, the Munster Zoo was opened on the lake shore.
Every year the park hosts the Balloon Festival and the Pirate Regatta.

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Topic: Lake Aasee in Germany, Munster resort.Lake Aasee in Germany, Munster resort

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