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Muhlenhof in Germany, Munster resort

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Muhlenchow is an open-air museum located on the shores of Lake Aasee. Here you can see examples of handicraft and peasant architecture of the XVII – XX centuries. The museum presents 30 historical buildings of Westphalia to the attention of tourists. Samples of property and tools are originals.

The museum was opened in 1961. A windmill from Emsland, dating from the 18th century, was the first exhibit. Gradually, the museum began to replenish with new exhibits – auxiliary buildings of peasant estates, a village church and a village school of the 18th century, a village store, a village smithy, an apiary and other objects of everyday life and architecture.

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Topic: Muhlenhof in Germany, Munster resort.Muhlenhof in Germany, Munster resort

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