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Kunsthistorisches Museum in Austria, Vienna spa

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The Museum of Art History was opened in October 1891. As part of the expansion of the city in 1858, Emperor Franz Joseph I ordered the construction of a museum. The museum building was designed by architects Karl Hasenauer and Gottfried Semper. Opposite the Museum of Art History, there is a twin building (Museum of Natural History).

The main building of the museum has 91 rooms, which contain a collection of Egyptian and Eastern antiquities, a numismatic office, a collection of ancient monuments, masterpieces of Western European sculptures and a world-famous art gallery.

Initially, the museum's art collection was a private collection of the Imperial House of Austria. Archdukes, emperors from the Habsburg family, have been collecting masterpieces of art since the 15th century. In 1918, the private collection became the property of the state and today is under the jurisdiction of the Austrian Ministry of Culture.

During the Second World War, the museum building was badly damaged, but the main part of the monuments was removed and hidden in 1939 ... In 1959, the museum reopened its doors to visitors.

The largest part of the museum is the art gallery, which is the fourth largest in the world. In the halls where the Egyptian art collection is located, you can feel the spirit of Ancient Egypt. The collection of Egyptian antiquities is one of the richest and oldest collections and surprises visitors with its decorative decoration. The antique collection is represented by Roman, Greek and Etruscan values,

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Topic: Kunsthistorisches Museum in Austria, Vienna spa.Kunsthistorisches Museum in Austria, Vienna spa

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