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Hospital Caroline in France, Marseille resort

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Carolyn Hospital, aka – Hospital of the Duchess de Berry -   is not in Marseille itself, but on one of the islands in the bay of the city.

The hospital was built in the 1830s, in the 1850s it was rebuilt. Initially, the premises of the Hospital were intended for travelers returning from Africa and South America, since in those years the Yellow Fever raged, claiming the lives of many French sailors. A little later, the capacity of the Hospital expanded, and specialized wards for veterans of the Foreign Legion were opened in the west wing.   From the beginning of the 20th century, a wave of typhoid fever swept across Europe, and the Hospital changed its treatment profile, becoming one of the leading clinics in the country. During World War II, the complex was badly damaged by the bombing of German aircraft, so all medical equipment was transported to other clinics in Marseille. The hospital building itself was empty until 1971.

The hospital is a strict medical building, devoid of architectural delights. Since the question of the spread of the disease at the time of construction was particularly acute, the material used during construction was the most common, serial production. In the center of the hospital complex, a small chapel was built, resembling an ancient Greek temple in architecture. This was due to the fact that bedridden patients could observe the service directly from the ward.

Since 1971, the Caroline Hospital was transferred under the tutelage of the Marseille administration, and it was decided to restore it. A fairly large amount of money was spent to restore the premises of the hospital complex destroyed in 1944. Further use of the Hospital for medical purposes was out of the question, so it was decided to make   from it an object of tourism.

Since 2007, the Carolyn Hospital has ceased to be a simple place for excursions. Under the administration of Marseille, a fund was created in memory of the architect Michel-Robert Penshaud, who was the chief designer of the hospital complex. Thanks to this organization, events related to the personality of the architect and his implemented projects are held annually on the territory of the Hospital. In addition, it was decided to hold numerous cultural events on the territory of the Caroline, in particular music festivals. To date, the largest of these events is the Experimental Music Festival, bringing together aspiring and experienced instrumentalists and composers from around the world.

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Topic: Hospital Caroline in France, Marseille resort.Hospital Caroline in France, Marseille resort

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