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Squares of the city of Nancy in France

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In 1983, UNESCO included three squares in the city of Nancy in its World Heritage List.

Stanislav Square – the largest area of the city. It was named so in honor of the initiator of its creation Stanislav Leshchinsky, who, in turn, dedicated the square to his son-in-law, King Louis XV. On the border of this square, there is a magnificent opera house, which was once the bishop's palace, as well as a museum of fine arts, originally built as a medical school. A bronze statue of the Duke was erected in the center of the square after the Revolution.

Until 1983, two-thirds of the square was used as a parking lot. After expensive repairs, restoration and renovation, the square became a pedestrian zone.

The Place de la Carriere is a kind of 'continuation' stanislavskaya square. These two attractions are separated by a beautiful triumphal arch. Initially, the square was used for knightly tournaments. Later, mansions of the aristocracy were built here. Now there is also a pedestrian zone. In the area of de la Carriere, today there is the building of the Court of Appeal, which was once a ballroom.

Place d ’ The Alliance is named in honor of the conclusion of an agreement between France and Austria on the eve Seven Years War. In the palace opposite the square, an agreement was concluded between the then rulers. By order of Leshchinsky, the Alliance Fountain was built in the center of the square, which still stands there.  

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Topic: Squares of the city of Nancy in France.Squares of the city of Nancy in France

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