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Place of the Stars in France, Paris resort

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She is – Charles de Gaulle square – one of the main squares of Paris, located on the historical axis of the city.

This square appeared during the reign of Louis VIII at the very beginning of the XIII century. Until the moment of the work on the creation of the square, this place was a wetland with one single building around – customs outpost. Later, this is where the avenue, which became the Champs Elysees, will begin.

The area had to be planted with trees for the swamp to go away. This is how the first elm alleys appeared. Later, these alleys began to form five roads leading from the round square. That is why the name Star Square appeared.

From an architectural point of view, even then, the Square was not so much a square as a crossroads connecting the central roads of Paris.

In 1836, the legendary Arc de Triomphe was built in the center of the square, the construction of which was timed to to the military victories of Napoleon Bonaparte. At the base of the arch, already in the 20th century, the tomb of the Unknown Soldier was created, in memory of those who fell in the First World War. Since 1923, an eternal flame has been lit under the arch.

The square acquired its present form back in 1854, when, by order of Napoleon III, several more roads were added to the arch, and their total number was 12.

In 1970, immediately after de Gaulle's death, it was decided to change the name of the Place from Triumphal to Place Charles de Gaulle.

The sad glory of this square is that every day the largest number of traffic accidents in Paris occurs here. Some insurance companies in Paris even refuse to pay car owners insurance if an accident happened in the Place de l'Esta.


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Topic: Place of the Stars in France, Paris resort.Place of the Stars in France, Paris resort

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