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Fort Saint-Malo in France

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Port city and fort in the northwestern region of France.

The population of the city is small, but the popularity of tourists every summer increases the number of people by 4 re times. Every year about 200 thousand people come here from all over the world.

The city was founded in the XII century, as an expanded settlement of monks who first came here several centuries earlier. Later the city was also an independent republic.

The importance of the fort was determined by the port functions of Saint-Malo. From here both merchant ships and ships of the discoverers departed, but the greatest glory to the city was brought by its main defenders – pirates. For several centuries Saint-Malo was almost the main haven of filibusters in France. Some of them have even erected monuments, both on the embankment and on the streets of the city.

The city itself is a medieval building with narrow alleys and houses of white brick and masonry. The bay view of the city is one of the most popular holiday destinations for locals.


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Topic: Fort Saint-Malo in France.Fort Saint-Malo in France

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