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Wadden Sea in Germany

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Wadden Sea – part of the North Sea, a series of shallow sea areas, called watts, stretching along the coasts of Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands.

In 2009, more than half of the Wadden Sea was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in Germany and the Netherlands.

A series of lagoons and watts, covering an area of about ten thousand kilometers, stretches 500 kilometers in length. Formed wadden coast in X – 14th century, after peat deposits were destroyed by storm surges.

The rich flora and fauna in the Wadden Sea plays an important role in the conservation of animals in northwestern Europe. Flounder fry hatch here, the welfare of the seal population depends on the state of the watts. A huge number of migratory birds (about 20 million) stay here.

In 1982, the leaderships of the countries where the Wadden Sea is located, adopted a Joint Declaration on the Protection of the Sea.

Nature reserves have been created on the territory of the Wadden Sea: Wattenmeer on the border of Germany and the Netherlands and Knechtzand. There are also three national parks, one of which is entirely in Germany, and the other two are adjacent to the border.

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Topic: Wadden Sea in Germany.Wadden Sea in Germany

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