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Holten Castle in Germany

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Holten Castle can be seen in the Sterkrade district of the German city of Oberhausen. It differs from many castles in Germany by its rather modest appearance, without towers, spiers and bridges.

However, the history of the castle is since 1307, when Count Engelbert II von Mark received it as a dowry for his bride, a girl from the Arenberg family. He began active work on the construction of new fortifications. Then the castle consisted of two parts: the main and the front.

Around the fortress and today you can see the erected in those times ditches and a high earthen rampart for defense against enemies. Already by 1310 Holten received city rights

During the Eighty Years War, Holten Castle was twice dominated by Spanish troops. And the troops of Hesse during the Thirty Years' War also occupied the castle twice. Not surprisingly, by 1640, the destruction of the castle was quite significant.

It was restored only after 60 years. From the very beginning of the 18th century, Holten Castle passed into the possession of Prussia, then it was temporarily part of the Grand Duchy of Berg, and in 1815 returned to Prussian rule.
Today we can only see the eastern part of the castle, which was built in the 16th century. It once housed a school, and now it is the habitat of the sports and shooting society. Nevertheless, the building as a historical heritage is carefully protected by the state.


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