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Kemnade Castle in Germany

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Kemnade Castle is located in the German district of Blankenstein in the city of Hattingen. It stands in a meadow floodplain on the left bank of the Ruhr River, around it there is a moat with water, so it seems that part of its walls are practically located on the water. The name of the castle roughly translates as 'a room with a fireplace', apparently, it was the fireplaces that stood out to the castle in former times.

When the castle belonged to the Shtipel court, which today is a district of the city of Bochum. Shtipel is mentioned in documents since the 11th century. The Archdiocese of Bremen, which once owned this land, formalized them as a fief, which in the 13th century was handed over to the von Lipet family, who remained the formal owners of this territory until 1809.

What As for the castle, it is believed that it was built by the knight Vennemar von Ducker in. Despite this, the castle passed from hand to hand very often, was transferred, inherited and acted as a dowry. Due to territorial redistributions, at different times it was in the possession of County Mark, Duchy of Julich-Cleve-Berg, Elector of Brandenburg.

At the end of the 16th century (then the castle was owned by Konrad von Recke), the castle was seriously damaged by fire, and was restored only after the end of the Thirty Years War. The restoration was completed at the beginning of the 18th century under Friedrich Matthias von Suberg.

In the 17th century with the aim of creating additional income near the manor house in 1780 a manor house was also built. And in 1806, in the process of re-partitioning Germany, the castle became part of the Grand Duchy of Berg, ruled by Joachim Murat, Napoleon's own son-in-law.

For more than a century, the castle was passed from hand to hand, until in 1921 Ludwig von Bersvordt-Wallrabe sold the Kemnade castle along with the adjacent land. The new owner was   Bochum municipality.

Already in the middle of the 20th century, the authorities were actively engaged in the restoration of this architectural monument. С   1998 the castle is owned by the meat manufacturer Reinhold Zimmermann. Today the building is open to tourists. Here you can admire a number of interesting museum collections.

For example, the City Museum of the city of Bochum has its branch here with exhibitions of musical instruments (more than 1800 items) and art objects from East Asia. And where the master's stable used to be, today you can see a museum with historical values. You can get acquainted with the life of the peasants who lived on this land in the 18th-19th centuries in a house next to the castle. In addition, the castle has a restaurant and weddings are held.

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