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Todesco Palace in Austria, Vienna resort

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The Todesco Palace is opposite the Vienna State Opera. The building of the palace was built from 1861 to 1864 for the merchant and businessman Edward Todesco. The palace was designed by the architect Ludwig Forster. The interior was designed by Theophil von Hansen. The palace halls are decorated with frescoes by Karl Rahl.

The Todesco family were Jews who came to Austria from Romania. The father of the Todesco brothers worked on the production of silk in Padua. Edward Todesco had the title of baron. In the art salon of his wife Sophia, many celebrities of that time gathered in the palace: Ferdinand von Saar, Anton Rubinstein, Hugo von Hofmannsthal and others. Theatrical performances were held in the halls of the beautiful palace.

Johann Strauss in the Todesco Palace met his future wife - opera singer Henrietta Trefz, who at that time was the mistress of Edward Todesco's brother.

During the Second World War, the palace was seriously damaged, but soon has been restored. Since 1976 it has been under state protection. In 1947-1993, the palace housed the headquarters of the Austrian People's Party. In 1978, the last restoration of the palace was carried out.  

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Topic: Todesco Palace in Austria, Vienna resort.Todesco Palace in Austria, Vienna resort

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