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Pallavicini Palace in Austria, Vienna resort

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The Pallavicini Palace is located at Josefsplatz in the center of Vienna, opposite the Hofburg library wing. This palace is also called Fris Pallavicini.

Earlier on the site of the palace there was a majorat, which belonged to the Counts of Salm. In the 16th century, the palace became the property of the defender of Vienna, the very first count from the Salm family, after which the building was inherited.

In 1559, the Salms sold the palace to Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria, who handed it over descendants. The niece of the Emperor Elizabeth, wife of King Charles IX of France, became a widow, moved to Vienna and received the palace. She founded a convent here. In 1782, Emperor Joseph II abolished the monastery, and the palace was divided into several parts.

The main part of the palace became the property of the banker and then Count von Fries. In 1783, by order of the count, the palace was destroyed, and a new palace was built in its place. The facade of the new building was built in the style of classical Viennese architecture. But many contemporaries believe that the palace is too modest for this style, this is most likely due to the fact that the chic Hofburg Palace is located nearby. An art gallery was created in the palace, which housed about 300 paintings and about 100 prints. It also housed a library of 16,000 volumes and a huge collection of sculptures. Dinners, concerts, exhibitions, conferences were held in the ceremonial halls of the palace.

In 1842, the palace was bought by Alfonso Marchese Pallavicini. His descendants lived here partially, they rented out the main part of the palace. For example, the palace housed the former stable of the Elmaer dance school and the Austrian equestrian society.

Today, the palace creates an elegant impression. The facade of the building is decorated with only eleven window openings. Due to the fact that initially the palace looked very modest, after its construction a special portal had to be completed, which is decorated with sculptures and caryatids.

Pallavicini Palace is known as the residence of Orson Welles - this is a hero from film"The Third Man" (1949).

The palace houses an exhibition of works by Salvador Dali.

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