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Ferstel Palace in Austria, Vienna spa

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Ferstel Palace is located in the historic part of Vienna.

In the middle of the 19th century, the imperial bank needed a rapid development of money circulation, but the premises in which the bank was located were not enough. To solve this problem, it was decided to build a new building. For this, land was purchased between Strauchgasse, Herrengasse and Freyung streets. The director of the Austrian National Bank demanded that the building be constructed without unnecessary luxury and in keeping with economy, but at the same time with technical and artistic perfection.

The construction was undertaken by the architect Heinrich von Verstal, who successfully coped with the task ... Ferstel was able to locate two exchange halls, the halls of the issuing bank, the coffee shop and the bazaar arcade according to their intended purpose, while maintaining the same style.

In 1860, the building was completed and ready for use. In 1861, a fountain"Donuniksenbrunnen" was installed in the glazed aisle,   created according to Ferstel's sketch. A little later, the fountain was decorated with sculptures: a mermaid holding a fish in her hands, figures of a fisherman, a merchant and a shipbuilder.

During the Second World War, Ferstel's palace was damaged, the facade of the building was damaged the most. In 1975, the palace was restored and the Cafe Central was opened in it. In addition to the cafe in the palace, there are now shops with jewelry and antiques.

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Topic: Ferstel Palace in Austria, Vienna spa.Ferstel Palace in Austria, Vienna spa

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