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Pantheon in France, Paris resort

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The history of this Parisian landmark is connected with an interesting fact from the life of King Louis XV.

In 1744, the sick king swore before the priest that if he will be able to recover, then he will build a church on the site of Genevieve Abbey. Louis recovered, but the deadline for fulfilling the holy vow was delayed for 20 years. Only after so many years was the design of the temple entrusted. The main idea at the time of development of the drawings was a partial repetition of London's Cathedral of St. Paul.

The general style of the pantheon can be attributed to the Romanesque. The temple is cruciform, under a huge dome. The entrance to the temple is preceded by a colonnade supporting a beautiful pediment.

The Great Revolution left its mark on the significance of this temple. It again began to be called the Pantheon, and by order of the government, the ashes of the greatest statesmen and cultural figures of France began to be buried here. Later, the Pantheon was called the Temple of Glory.

At the moment, the Pantheon is a huge historical museum. Tourists have access to all the premises, including the crypt, where the greatest people of France are buried.


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Topic: Pantheon in France, Paris resort.Pantheon in France, Paris resort

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