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St. Nicholas Church in Germany, Berlin resort

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Church of St. Nicholas - the oldest church in Berlin. Located in the historic Nikolaiviertel quarter. Today, the church houses a branch of the Brandenburg Museum as part of the Berlin City Museum Foundation. Various concerts are sometimes held here. The Church of St. Nicholas was built in 1220-1230. and was a three-aisled basilica in the form of a cross, made of natural stone.

It was later rebuilt into a Gothic church. In 1461 an altar for the church was commissioned by the Berlin bakers' guild. They also pledged to pay the church servant an annual rent.

Until the end of the 19th century, the church of St. Nicholas retained its asymmetrical shape. In 1876-1878. major reconstruction was carried out, during which the neo-Gothic facade and two towers were completed. The church became state property in 1938. Since then, services have not been held there.

After the Second World War, only the outer walls of the church remained. Restoration work began only in 1981. During their course, the church was restored to its original appearance; chimes of 41 bells are installed. Today, the building of the Church of St. Nicholas houses a museum. Also, the church, which has amazing acoustics, serves as a concert hall. The exposition of the museum tells about the history of the church, about persons related to it.


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Topic: St. Nicholas Church in Germany, Berlin resort.St. Nicholas Church in Germany, Berlin resort

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