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Berlin State Library in Germany, Berlin Spa

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The Berlin State Library is the largest universal scientific library in the German-speaking territory, included in the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. The library collection includes scientific literature describing all historical eras, all countries and languages of the world.

The library was founded by Friedrich Wilhelm, Elector of Brandenburg, in 1661. Frederick I renamed it the Royal Library in Berlin in 1701. At the end of the First World War, the library became known as the Prussian State Library.

During the Second World War, the library fund, which included about three million volumes, was almost completely removed and hidden in monasteries and castles and mines. After the split of Germany into two parts, in 1945, the Prussian State Library was also divided: into the State Library of Prussian Cultural Heritage in West Berlin and the German State Library in East Berlin. Immediately after the unification of Germany, the library funds were united. They were transferred to the management of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and received the general name Berlin State Library - Prussian Cultural Heritage.

The collections of the State Library are very rich: they contain documents on various scientific disciplines, in different languages belonging to different periods of history. The search for books and their order is carried out in the electronic catalog.

The most important testimonials are also located here   the life of cultural workers: the manuscripts of W.A.Mozart,

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Topic: Berlin State Library in Germany, Berlin Spa.Berlin State Library in Germany, Berlin Spa

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