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Pere Lachaise Cemetery in France, Paris resort

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The largest cemetery in Paris, located in its eastern district. It is one of the largest burial places in the world, not only in terms of area, but also in terms of the number of noteworthy monuments of tombstone sculptures.

The Parisians themselves do not call Pere Lachaise by name, preferring to call it Eastern cemetery.

The prestigious burial place of the French capital was not always popular. Once these lands were the outskirts of Paris, where only criminals and beggars lived. In 1430, the now forgotten merchant acquired these lands, which after his death he bequeathed to the monastic order of the Jesuits, who, after a couple of centuries, quickly expanded their possessions to ten hectares.

One of the Order Fathers was a close friend of King Louis XIV, and even became his confessor. The name of this holy father was Francois de la Chaise. Due to friendship with the king, the order quickly increased several times the territory of its possessions, and this place from the once poor quarter turned into a favorite walking place for the Parisian aristocracy.

After the death of King Louis, the order quickly went bankrupt, the state confiscated all the land, the broken gardens and fountains were demolished. Soon the land itself was auctioned off and turned into a cemetery by the new owners.

The place was so unpopular that the number of people buried here was estimated at a couple of dozen people a year. Only in 1804 did the owners of the cemetery decide to take a bold step – reburial the remains of Moliere and La Fontaine on the territory of an unpopular cemetery. After 10 years, the action was repeated with other famous people in France. The number of burials increased from several dozen to several hundred. From that moment to the present, the Pere Lachaise cemetery has become the most prestigious burial site in France.


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Topic: Pere Lachaise Cemetery in France, Paris resort.Pere Lachaise Cemetery in France, Paris resort

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