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Kensal Green Cemetery, UK Resort London

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Kensal Green Cemetery is a cemetery in London, part of The Magnificent Seven, officially called the Cemetery of All Souls. Located next to Portobello.

The cemetery was created in the 19th century when the population of London doubled, small city cemeteries were overcrowded, the risk of decomposition products entering the city water supply system. The municipal authorities decided to create new modern cemeteries around the city. The founder of Kensal Green is George Frederick Cardin, who was inspired to create a new cemeteries in London by visiting the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

Cardin enlisted the support of influential townspeople, in particular Member of Parliament E.   Spottiswood, banker D. D. Paul,   and founded a funeral company that is still valid today. In 1832, a cholera epidemic broke out in London, and the city administration decided on the immediate construction of seven new cemeteries, which will have a beneficial effect on the level of cleanliness and hygiene in the city. Kensal Green was the first of these seven cemeteries. The first decade it was not popular and prestigious, which changed in 1843. Like a commercial graveyard everything here was done at the request of the client, who could choose the method burial, burial care and so on. In 1843 the Duke of Sussex, Augustus Frederick, a member of the royal family who refused a place of honor in Windsor, was buried at Kensal Green. This is how the cemetery gained popularity. IN 12 members of the royal family were buried here for the next seventy years, 600 representatives of noble families. Of the monuments erected here, 550 entered list of the National Heritage.

On the territory of the cemetery (with a total area of 77 acres) there is two chapels - Anglican and non-conformist.

The legendary Freddie is buried in the Kensal Green cemetery Mercury, W.M. Thackeray, M. Reed, W.W. Collins, D. Barry, mother of Oscar Wilde Jane Francesca Wilde and others.

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Topic: Kensal Green Cemetery, UK Resort London.Kensal Green Cemetery, UK Resort London

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