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Forts of Vauban in France

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Sebastien Vauban – a person who has the status of a national hero in France. In honor of this man, 2007 in France was proclaimed the year of Vauban. He became famous as a commander, engineer, writer. A number of fortresses built according to his design are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Vauban was born in 1633 and died in 1707. for such a long life, he managed to develop his own, incomparable style of attack. The commander's engineering talent manifested itself in the fact that he could immediately see all the advantages and disadvantages not only of the besieged fortress, but also of the surrounding area.

Vauban began to actively build fortresses in the 60s years of the XVII century, at the same time, a series of French victories in the Belgian lands belongs. The style of taking fortifications developed by Vauban is referred to as a `` gradual attack '', when first volleys are fired at fortress artillery, and then the infantry is only released. This tactic made it possible to end the battle with minimal losses.

Throughout his life, Vauban has designed more than 30 fortresses, thirteen of which are included in the World Heritage of Humanity. Several fortresses have given names to the types of fortifications used by French engineers for many years after Vauban's death.

The most famous fortresses designed by Vauban are Neuf Brizach and Landau.

In memory of the great military engineer, several museums were created, one in the Neuf-Breeze fortress, and the second in his native village, also renamed in honor of its famous native, Saint-Leger-Vauban. Monuments to Vauban have been erected in several large cities in France, including one of the squares of Paris.


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Topic: Forts of Vauban in France.Forts of Vauban in France

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