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Passy Cemetery in France, Paris resort

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This burial place was founded in 1820 on the right bank of Paris, in close proximity to the Champs Elysees. From that moment on, the location of the cemetery was favorable for the richest people in France to be buried here. Passy became the last refuge of the aristocracy of Paris.

This monument of gravestone sculpture is located in the 16th Paris arrondissement, which became part of the city only in 1860. Before that, for almost 40 years, the cemetery was considered a suburban one.

  At the moment, there are about two thousand graves of various people: from the nobility, to artists and other cultural figures. There are several graves of Russian emigrants.

The entrance to the Passy is preceded by a beautiful gate designed by the architect Berger. At the end of the First World War, one of the walls of the cemetery was decorated with bas-reliefs in memory of the French who died on the battlefield.


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Topic: Passy Cemetery in France, Paris resort.Passy Cemetery in France, Paris resort

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