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Chambord Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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Chambord Castle – the castle of the Loire, built by order of King Francis I, who wanted to be closer to his beloved – Countess Turi. Chambord is a World Heritage Site and is under the protection of UNESCO.

Of course, Chambord is very recognizable. It is a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture. The name of the architect who created the castle is unknown, but scientists prove Leonardo da Vinci's involvement in the design of the castle, despite the fact that he died several months before construction began. Domenico da Cortona is also expected to participate.

Construction was carried out from 1519 to 1547. at the bend of the Cosson River. It is a known fact that Francis I wanted to change the course of the river so that it flows right in front of the castle, but abandoned this idea. Despite the huge resources spent on the construction of the castle (about one and a half thousand workers, about 220,000 tons of stone), Francis spent very little time in the castle - ndash; he came just a few times to hunt and show his greatness and wealth to his rival – to the Spanish king Charles V.

After the death of Francis, the castle   Chambord is not interested. Louis XIII presents it to Gaston d'Orleans in 1639. Forty years later, Louis XIV carried out certain restructuring, and a few years later, Moliere and his troupe first staged the play `` Bourgeois in the Nobility. ''

  Since 1725, the castle was occupied by the father-in-law of Louis XV Stanislav Leshchinsky – overthrown by the Polish king. And after 20 years, the castle was turned into a barracks. Also during this period, the castle housed the chemical laboratory of Saint-Germain. During the Revolution, property is sold. Napoleon Bonaparte hands over the castle to Marshal Berthier. During the Franco-Prussian War, a field hospital was located in the castle. Since 1883, the castle passed into the possession of the Dukes of Parma.

Fifty years later, the castle was purchased and became the property of the state. In the middle of the 20th century, the castle, which was damaged by a fire, began to be turned into an important tourist site and, since 1952, tourists were offered light and sound performances.

Since 1981, the castle has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. and since 2005 the castle has become a commercial enterprise. Of interest for tourists are, undoubtedly, exquisite buildings: a two-way staircase, vaults, decorated with emblems of the royal family, terraces, turrets and ornaments on the walls. Also notable is the park, the largest in Europe – an area of about 5.5 thousand hectares, of which one thousand hectares are open to tourists.

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Topic: Chambord Castle in France, Loire Valley resort.Chambord Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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