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Blois Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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Castle Blois – one of the largest castles in the Loire, the seat of the French kings. The castle, along with other Loire castles, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The place where the castle is located, according to the researchers, was inhabited in the Neolithic era, but mentions of it in written sources refer to IX century. During this period, the vicinity of Blois belonged to the Counts of Blois, vassals of the king, who built a fortified tower and reconstructed it more than once. At the end of the XIV century, the County of Blois was sold to Louis of Orleans, son of Charles V. Then the main part of the castle was built.

The grandson of Louis Orleans, Louis XII, who became king of France in 1498, decided to establish in Blois his grand residence, not performing a protective function. During this period, the city flourished, but later Francis I left Blois, his successors only occasionally visit the castle.

In the 18th century, Blois castle was completely abandoned by representatives of the royal family. The old vassals of the king live in it. The castle is split into separate living quarters, it is in a deplorable state.

In 1788, Louis XVI gave the order to sell the castle or destroy it. The castle was converted into a barracks, which saved him. Like other castles in the Loire, Blois Castle suffered from vandalism during and after the Revolution. All emblems of the royal family have been destroyed. The castle was abandoned until the second half of the 19th century.

During the German occupation, many attempts were made to alter some of the elements of the castle, and only since 1845 the restoration was undertaken, which was undertaken by the architect Duban.

Today, visitors can see the wing of Louis, connecting Gothic and French traditions, gallery, choir of the chapel, destroyed in the 17th century; wing of Francis I, which began in the first year of his reign, and includes Gothic facades decorated with elements borrowed from Italian architecture and from the French tradition. The most interesting element – front spiral staircase with three balconies overlooking the front yard; the body of Gaston Orleans (brother of Louis XIII), unlike others, is made in a strict classical style.

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Topic: Blois Castle in France, Loire Valley resort.Blois Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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