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Castle Amboise in France, Loire Valley resort

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The Chateau d'Amboise has a rich history full of events related to the royal dynasties of France: from the beginning   30s of the 15th century, the castle and all lands were withdrawn in favor of the state treasury Charles VII has stayed at the castle more than once, the children of Louis XI and Charlotte of Savoy are born here.

During the reign of Louis XI, the Order of Saint Michael was established in Amboise. From the very beginning of the reign of Charles VIII and for the next six years, the castle was under construction, which was interrupted by an accident that happened to Charles VIII in 1498.

After his death, the castle of Amboise passed into the hands of the duke Orleans, the future Louis XII. During his reign, Louise of Savoy and her children lived in Amboise. Improvement of the castle was continued in 1500-1501, when Francis I came to power. During the reign of Henry II, Catherine de Medici got acquainted with the castle. Over the next few years, the castle was abandoned by the Valois dynasty. Francis II with his wife Mary Stuart, with the queen mother, children and retinue arrives at the castle at the beginning of his reign (1560), but soon flees from the conspiracy of the princes of Conde. The conspiracy is suppressed, and the castle loses its significance as a royal residence. Despite this, Louis XIII is often here.

In the 20s. XVII century, the castle becomes the property of Gaston of Orleans, and thirty years later it returns to the French Crown. In 1762, the castle and all its surroundings were bought by the Duke of Choiseul, in 1786 sold by his heirs to the Duke of Pentvieres.

Before the Revolution, the reconstruction of old and the construction of new premises in the castle began, and during the Revolution the castle was confiscated and plundered. It even had a barracks and a button factory. During the era of the First Empire, the castle suffered even more: most of the buildings were destroyed.

In 1815, the castle was revived by the Duchess of Orleans. Her son, the future King Louis-Philippe, acquires houses and buildings that surrounded the castle, with the aim of destroying them and making room in front of the fortress walls and towers. From 1848 to 1852 The Arab emir Abd-el-Kader was imprisoned in the castle, and Louis Napoleon Bonaparte personally came to free him. Twenty years later, the Third Republic transferred the remaining parts of the castle to the disposal of the House of Orleans in order to stop further destruction of the castle.

From 1974 to the present day, the Foundation of Saint Louis has been maintaining the castle. The castle of Amboise is surrounded by gardens that give it a certain charm. The most beautiful part of the castle is the chapel of St. Hubert, whose stone patterns resemble lace. Castle of Amboise -   one of the Loire castles, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Topic: Castle Amboise in France, Loire Valley resort.Castle Amboise in France, Loire Valley resort

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