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Clos-Luce castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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Clos-Luce Castle – one of the most famous castles located in the Loire Valley, the house-museum of Leonardo da Vinci. The monument is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The first house was built here in 1107 – 1115 BC The construction of a pink brick house began by order of Hugo Amboise on the site of an ancient Gallo-Roman settlement. In 1477, a manor house was built, which became the property of the royal favorite, Etienne Leloux. The castle became a royal domain after its acquisition by Charles VIII. The deed of sale dated July 2, 1490 is still kept in Clos-Luce.

Later, the Duke of Angouleme, the future King Francis I, together with his sister Margaret of Navarre, who wrote here collection of his short stories" will use the same methods of working with glass, wood and stone that his ancestors in the 15th and 16th centuries.

  It is known from history that at the beginning of 1516 Leonardo da Vinci accepted the invitation Francis I and in the fall moved to France. The king greeted him with great honors, and appointed him a salary of 700 crowns in gold a year. In return, Leonardo da Vinci did not deny Francis I the pleasure of talking with him and paid for the hospitality with his works. He died three years later and was buried in Amboise in the royal monastery of Saint Florentine. Later, his ashes were transferred to the chapel of St. Hubert of the castle of Amboise.

Clos-Luce castle attracts tourists with interiors of the Leonardo da Vinci era: a bedroom with a bed on which the artist died, a kitchen with a huge hearth, Renaissance furniture, salon furnished in the style of Louis XV. The castle also houses a collection of car models, modeled after da Vinci's drawings. The chapel, built by Charles VIII, a secret underground passage leading to Amboise has survived.

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Topic: Clos-Luce castle in France, Loire Valley resort.Clos-Luce castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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