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Porta Nigra in Germany, resort of Trier

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Porta Nigra, also known as the Black Gate, is the world's largest antique gate that has survived to this day in the best possible condition. Today the gate is the symbol of Trier. Are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

During the Roman Empire, Porta Nigra functioned as a city gate. The gate was erected in 180 and, remarkably, without the use of cement. The gates reached a height of 29.3 meters. The square sand stones were sawn by the Romans using bronze saws, which were set in motion by a mill wheel. Then the stones were lifted using wooden winches and connected with iron brackets, then they were attached to the wall with liquid tin. The gate was not originally black, this name stuck to them much later, when the stones of the gate turned black over time.

  During the Middle Ages, many holes were made in the stones in order to remove the staples and reuse them. Today most of these holes can be seen in the stones. In the Middle Ages, the gate remained intact, since since 1028, Simeon of Trier, a monk of the monastery of St. Catherine, lived here. The monk ordered to brick the door, which was done. In 1035, after his death, the gate was converted into the Church of St. Simeon. The temple existed until the capture of the city by the French.

In 1804, Napoleon ordered to remove the church extensions, as a result, the gate returned to its original version.  

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Topic: Porta Nigra in Germany, resort of Trier.Porta Nigra in Germany, resort of Trier

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