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Festival complex in Austria, Salzburg resort

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The festival complex is one of the largest theatrical stages of the Salzburg Summer Festival. It was built in 1956-1960 by the architect Clemens Holzmeister.

Construction of the complex began with the demolition of 55,000 cubic meters of rock from the Monchsberg mountain in order to accommodate a huge theater stage. Today the massive stage is located 40 meters below the Monchsberg mountain. The complex is known for its good acoustics. More than 2 thousand spectators can be accommodated here.

There are 2 fountains with statues in the lobby of the festival complex, which symbolize"Theater" and"Music". In the foyer of the first floor there are busts of Karl Bohm, Richard Strauss, Alexander Moissi and Max Reinhardt, as well as on the walls you can see the"Cupid and Psyche" tapestry by Oskar Kokoschka. Large paintings by Karl Plattner"Salzburg, Its Architects and Its Music" and Wolfgang Hutter"From Night Till Morning" adorn the theater boxes.

During the Festival time (from late July to late August) in The complex mainly hosts operas and concerts of church, chamber and orchestral music. At other times of the year, there are less high-profile events such as the Easter Festival, the Trinity Festival and other events.


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Topic: Festival complex in Austria, Salzburg resort.Festival complex in Austria, Salzburg resort

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