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Palais des Festivals in Germany, spa Baden-Baden

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The Baden-Baden Palace of Festivals is one of the largest classical music halls in Europe.

Four seasonal festivals are presented annually in the theater program – Trinity Festival, Summer, Autumn and Winter festivals. Also, since 2012, the Easter Festival has been added to the list. At other times, first-class concerts are held here with the participation of the world's best performers.

The creation of theater productions is carried out in collaboration with renowned masters: director and artist Robert Wilson, designers Victor Rolf and Christian Lacroix, violinist Anne -Sophie Mutter and singer Anna Netrebko. The programs are also complemented by original entertainment shows and jazz evenings.

The theater building has a rather unusual architectural appearance. The construction of the auditorium was carried out on the site where the platforms of the old railway station were previously located. The vestibule of the Palais des Festivals is nothing more than a meticulously restored neoclassical station building.

In the mid-1990s, the Viennese architect Wilhelm Holzbauer created a project for stage premises, as well as a foyer, flooded sunlight. The ideal acoustics of the hall was worked out by the famous Munich physicist Karlheinz Muller.

The stage of the theater was equipped with the latest technology. TV programs and live broadcasts were filmed on the stage.


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Topic: Palais des Festivals in Germany, spa Baden-Baden.Palais des Festivals in Germany, spa Baden-Baden

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